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Writing has become a special part of my day. I know I have a lot of room to grow with my writing, delivery, presentation, flow, organization…you get the idea. What I look forward to, is looking back and seeing how my writing has progressed.… Continue Reading “GOALS FOR MY BLOG”


During this historic time of canceled races because of social distancing there has been an increase of virtual races. Runners everywhere are excited to join so their training doesn’t go to waste.


Real talk here. How many times have you had big expectations in another person only to be let down? Or, if not let down, you realize you were not realistic in your expectations. Why do we place such importance on others– especially when they… Continue Reading “BIG EXPECTATIONS”

One Happy Friday

During this 2020 Covid-19 quarantine, I have happily spent time writing. I have also enjoyed visiting other blogs and reading the journeys others have shared. I found this blogger, Why Girls are Weird, and she had a post titled Happy Friday and she encouraged… Continue Reading “One Happy Friday”

A Journey Worth Taking

  Here is the thing – I am not a writer.  I have a lot to say, and even though my heart is poetic my hand is prosaic.

Take Time to Recognize Your Journey

I was talking with a friend recently how I couldn’t do the journey she is currently on.  She reminded me that there are things I do that she can’t – like running deep in the woods.  I took a few days to ponder that, because… Continue Reading “Take Time to Recognize Your Journey”

I call myself a Cautious Introvert.

Okay guys, I have a confession. I wasn’t always an introvert. This question popped into my mind:  how does one transitions from being more introvert or extrovert if one or the other wasn’t obvious at birth?  We tell introverts they “need to come out… Continue Reading “I call myself a Cautious Introvert.”

A Dream Came True You Never Dreamed.

Beginning a new lifestyle can be intimidating, but people do it everyday. Why I decided to lace up and begin running.

Where has your thanks been going lately?

Here it is March, and in my neck of the woods there is a record amount of snowfall in one month – ever!  Some places are reporting over 26 feet of snow in one month!  Needless to say, snow has caused significant havoc in… Continue Reading “Where has your thanks been going lately?”