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Wow! I can’t believe it has been almost a month since I started with my running coach. I started this with no immediate


I am just shy of two weeks in with my running coach, Michele at Rugged Running. That may not sound like a long time, but I see gains already. Michele knew I am recovering my leg which is still irritated from pushing to get… Continue Reading “RENOVATE THE JOURNEY”


Since running my virtual 50k, I haven’t logged a mile. Not going to lie, mentally I am ready to hit the trails. But physically my legs, one in particular, have been upset with me. Its been almost three weeks since my run. I haven’t… Continue Reading “TIME FOR A SUN KISS”


Updated 6/6/2020 Your race is picked out and your ready to start training.  First things first, you need a training plan.  There are different approaches to a training plan.  You can use a free online plan, hire a training coach, or be your own coach.


During this historic time of canceled races because of social distancing there has been an increase of virtual races. Runners everywhere are excited to join so their training doesn’t go to waste.

10 Funny Running Memes

You like to run? You google search “running” to find motivation. And then you see it. Your life as a runner.

3 Ultra Marathon Movies to Fuel Your Motivation

Once I discovered my love for trail running, I started watching movies, YouTube videos, and documentaries on ultra running. I absorbed what I could about training, fueling, the ever-changing terrain, as well as the ups and downs runners face on each course. The movies… Continue Reading “3 Ultra Marathon Movies to Fuel Your Motivation”

This took a minute off my pace

  I recently saw a manual therapist, Eric, for arm and elbow pain that was interrupting everyday activities. A manual therapist is someone who uses hands on techniques to mobilize muscles, joints, connective tissue and nerves to facilitate healing and restore function. Similar to… Continue Reading “This took a minute off my pace”

A Dream Came True You Never Dreamed.

Beginning a new lifestyle can be intimidating, but people do it everyday. Why I decided to lace up and begin running.