What do you mean, you “feel” that way?

What is one thing you would love to do for yourself?

Often, when we are asked this question, we think of our dream vacation. Or, maybe a hobby we’ve had our eye on. Many times, our thoughts go to a place where there are no distractions from outside influence. It’s our “me time.”
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What is really going on, Kelly?

My county has been on social distancing quarantine for about a month now. My job was considered essential until two nights ago, when I received the call I would no longer be reporting to work, but on an “on call” status. I just went back to work from having two weeks off and only worked two days and here I am off again.
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10 Things Ultra Running May Do To You

Running a 5k was long distance to me at one time. I couldn’t wait until I reached that 3.1-mile mark. Many of the 5k races I ran had a turn on the course that gave the best sight. The big blow up arch announcing the finish line!
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Join Team Face Mask Making

Edited 4.8.2020
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I purchased a sewing machine when my daughter was two. I had this idea I was going to sew her one of those adorable dresses you see in whimsical toddler photos. I had the pieces cut and pinned to the fabric after I found the perfect pattern and material combination.
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Our Journey with Self-Confidence

I want you to visualize deep into your past back when you were a wee kid.

There is no limit
There is no limit to what we are able see.

What were your hopes and dreams? Do you find amusement in what your child-self found so impelling for your adult-self?  Or, were you that well-grounded child who knew exactly what they wanted to become and how to achieve it with honors?

I remember wanting to be a hairstylist when I grew up.  I wanted that toy Barbie head with beautifully long hair that I could style to my fingers content. Unfortunately, I never got my hands on that glorious toy.  I had to I resort to the next best thing, my brother. I assured him I could trim his hair and make him look like the stud he was. And he TRUSTED me!!
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Journeys Covered in White

The snow was slow to come this year. Fall is my favorite time of year so I didn’t object to the extended season. Plus, it was great weather for training. Although, when you live with snow nearby you must play in it.
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Can’t Escape Covid-19

I genuinely did not want to write about the Covid-19 epidemic. Quite honestly, I am tired of hearing about it. I have scaled down what I watch on the news, but not completely stopped because I need to stay up to date with the realities we are facing. It is a scary time.

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10 Funny Running Memes

You like to run?

You google search “running” to find motivation.

And then you see it.

Your life as a runner.

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3 Ultra Marathon Movies to Fuel Your Motivation

Once I discovered my love for trail running, I started watching movies, YouTube videos, and documentaries on ultra running. I absorbed what I could about training, fueling, the ever-changing terrain, as well as the ups and downs runners face on each course. The movies I listed share the stories of the elite in the sport. I will never run at the same level these expert runners; but knowing this does not change my excitement as I watch them. I learn valuable lessons from each of these movies. And, even though they are focused on the sport of ultra marathons, they provide life lessons for any situation.
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This took a minute off my pace


I recently saw a manual therapist, Eric, for arm and elbow pain that was interrupting everyday activities. A manual therapist is someone who uses hands on techniques to mobilize muscles, joints, connective tissue and nerves to facilitate healing and restore function. Similar to a Chiropractor, but less abrasive.
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