Month: April 2020

What is really going on, Kelly?

A penny for your thoughts.

10 Things Ultra Running May Do To You

Running a 5k was long distance to me at one time. I couldn’t wait until I reached that 3.1-mile mark. Many of the 5k races I ran had a turn on the course that gave the best sight. The big blow up arch announcing… Continue Reading “10 Things Ultra Running May Do To You”

Join Team Face Mask Making

Edited 4.8.2020 Click Here to Jump to Quick Tips. I purchased a sewing machine when my daughter was two. I had this idea I was going to sew her one of those adorable dresses you see in whimsical toddler photos. I had the pieces… Continue Reading “Join Team Face Mask Making”

Our Journey with Self-Confidence

I want you to visualize deep into your past back when you were a wee kid. What were your hopes and dreams? Do you find amusement in what your child-self found so impelling for your adult-self?  Or, were you that well-grounded child who knew… Continue Reading “Our Journey with Self-Confidence”

Journeys Covered in White

The snow was slow to come this year. Fall is my favorite time of year so I didn’t object to the extended season. Plus, it was great weather for training. Although, when you live with snow nearby you must play in it.